Judith Scott in my dreams–One Writer’s Story

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Judith’s Scott’s “Twins”

Written by Trina Kleist

When I took this assignment from Tahoe Quarterly magazine, I had never heard of Judith Scott–not surprisingly, as I have no artistic involvement and only a self-educated layperson’s appreciation for art. So I sought out images of Scott’s fiber sculptures and absorbed them, trying to understand what to me seemed like childish and meaningless lumps of stuff.

What makes this art?, I wondered.

That first night, Scott’s bundles appeared to me in a dream. Oblong cocoons a foot long, wound in gray string, stood side-by-side in a kitchen cabinet where dishes should have been. I opened other cabinets, and all were filled with identical cocoons. I opened neat, clear plastic containers to find them there, too. They were everywhere, identical, left by some bizarre insect, reposed yet actively waiting, somehow alive and forcefully insistent, each one contentedly and expectantly smiling on the inside. They were individual, yet infused with the same biding consciousness that would not take ‘no’ for an answer, that only knew patience and ‘yes,’ no matter my anxiety, fear or revulsion.

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