Tahoe Weather Watch: March 26 “Easter Treats”

| March 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Giovanni Paredes

Big changes! Looks like the Easter Bunny may bring snowballs instead of chocolate eggs Sunday. Looking outside right now may not look too menacing as we enjoy another day with partly cloudy skies with maybe a couple flurries along the crest. Tricky forecast ahead as we transition to a wet springtime pattern tonight as a westerly flow continues to push moisture into NorCal perhaps kicking off some snow showers around 7,000 ft. as the instability continues to increase. I’m going to go with a broad brush approach and say snow showers will persist at resort level throughout the rest of the week with rain showers at lake level. We may be in for a treat starting on Saturday as a low sets up offshore adding colder air and the needed dynamics for the potential of an Easter snowstorm. This all depends on whether the low tracks across NorCal into the Sierra or pushes south into SoCal leaving us with some snow but not the dump we could get. It’s a very vague forecast as spring plays havoc with the computer weather models making it hard to interpret the data. One thing is certain. The pattern that left us high and dry over the past couple months has broken down and April may play out to be the wettest month since December.

Be prepared for chain restrictions all week long driving over the crest as winter driving conditions are likely to persist at pass level into the weekend. By Sunday, snow will fall at lake level making it slippery for visitors to the Tahoe Basin not accustomed to Winter driving conditions. Enjoy the bonus snow. Drive safe.

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