An elevated wedding experience

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A couple married at the Thunderbird Lodge

Kate Dietrich and Kevin Davis married at Lake Tahoe's Thunderbird Lodge.

Tahoe’s luxury bridal market is in the midst of a comingof- age trajectory: Brides and grooms from all over the country, and in many cases, abroad, are deploying their precious resources, fulfilling life-long wedding fantasies— Tahoe style.

Luxury is best described for the Tahoe bridal couple as a sensual experience embracing every nuance of a wedding— sight, taste and smell, but most important of all, capturing the heart.

For different couples that notion may play out in different ways: It might be the luxury of secluded Tahoe nuptials tucked into a forested estate along the shore; the luxury of a classic five-star ballroom ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe; the luxury of arriving via horseback through a grassy meadow carpeted with mule’s ear at a barn perfumed with the wafting aromas of a farm-to-table experience. A breeze whistles through pines. Crisp air softly kisses cheeks. A meal nourishes the soul. Laughter is punctuated by a Steller’s jay or lapping claps of crystal water.

While Tahoe, to many, may still be thought of as whitepaper- wedding-bells-and-blue-carnations-in-24-hour-chapels, there is in fact a small but growing sophisticated group of top-tier wedding professionals who can go toe-to-toe with the best from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Their talents are helping make the Big Blue one of the hottest current choices for a wedding celebration.

This coming-of-age moment in Tahoe’s luxury bridal market is the natural, perfectly inevitable culmination of the hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in our region over the past 15 years. Tahoe has always been a place of outdoor experiences and emotional imprinting: angling for rainbow trout, navigating lake swell sprays, hiking lupine meadows, skiing sugared champagne traverses, warming fingers with richly brewed cocoa, hearing sleigh bells jingle. For well over a century, Tahoe has meant family, friends, love and special, unforgettable moments in our lives.

Today’s upscale Tahoe wedding might include anything from ultrasuede jacketed Chameleon chairs to the latest and greatest in cottage cozy or beach chic lounge furniture; dance floors come in any imaginable size and finish—from round to white to gold to monogrammed—with uber-grande crystal chandeliers hanging from sugar pine boughs. It may mean entertainment like the hottest groover local garage bands and international headliners, as well as the very finest in every imaginable food and beverage experience. Today’s Tahoe bride doesn’t even need to travel to Beverly Hills or New York City to purchase her dream gown. She can book her consultation right in the ‘hood.

The bride and groom looking for a truly unique wedding celebration, steeped in more than a century of history and tradition, can get everything they need right here at 6,000-plus feet above sea level: locations, rentals, photography, videography and cinematography, catering, entertainment and couture, all of it managed by a select club of professionals ready to make wedding dreams come true on a day that can only be defined as, well—Lake Tahoe. By Scott Corridan. TQ

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